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Happy Hour

Happy Hour:

Mon - Fri 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Thurs Nights June 6th - Sept 5th 8pm - 10pm

Cheese Cigars $9

Spicy 3-cheese blend spring wraps servied with Thai sauce


Fried Brussel Sprouts $9

Cilantro-lime drizzle, served with chili sauce


Duck Wontons $8

3 wontons served with wonton sauce


Taditional or Boneless Wings $8

6 wings served with ranch or bleu cheese


Garlic Cheese Curds $8

Garlicky curds served with ranch


Toasted Raviolis $7

4 toasted 3-cheese blend served with Marinara


LTT Smoked Meat Quesadilla $9

Shredded cheese, green pepper, red onion, sour cream and pico on the side.

Choice of house smoked pork or chicken


Chips Salsa Guac $7

Kettle Chips with Lost Sauce $5

$5 Glass of Wine

$1 Off Tap Beers

$2 Off Craft Cocktails

Lost Times Tavern Sauk Rapids MN
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